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Department of Finance Report Improvement in Public Finances of over €400m

Department of Finance Report Improvement in Public Finances of over €400m

According to the Department of Finance in the first month of the year, public finances have indicated an improvement of more than €400m.

In January the exchequer recorded an excess of 1.2 billion. This is then up from the €781 million in 2015.

VAT increased by 6.6%, income tax was up to 8.7%, and the general government expenditure was down by 7.6%.

The Minister of Finance, Michael Noonan commented on these – Read more


What is in Your Credit Report?

What is in Your Credit Report?

When you first read your credit report it can seem confusing especially when you have had many accounts open for a long period of time. It can be easier to read your credit report when you know what is appearing on it.

Your Name and Variations

There could be different versions and even misspellings of your name in your credit report.

Your credit report is created from information that is given from your creditors and lenders. The name that you put – Read more


Do you have too Many Credit Cards?

Do you have too Many Credit Cards?

If you are going through your wallet and see that every slot has a credit card you may wonder if you have too many. You might also be thinking about opening new credit accounts and you want to be sure that another credit card wont effect your credit. So do you have too many credit cards?

High Debt to Income Ratio

When lenders look at your loan application the available credit is seen as opportunity for debt. Your debt to income ratio could be – Read more


Clothing Sales you need to Know

Clothing Sales you need to Know

If you are looking for designer labels at great prices, then check out these sales that are happening now.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is cutting an extra 50% off sale items for its end of season sale. You will also be able to get free shipping with code LOVE16. This deal will end on the 17th February.

Dick’s Sporting Goods Clearance

Dick’s are giving an extra 25% to 40% off a selection of clothing, gear and accessories. Orders that are over $25 wil – Read more


Find Out What Probate Is

Find Out What Probate Is

Probate is when last will and testament is authenticated through a court-supervised process. It will also locate and determine the value of the decedents assets, paying the final bills of the decedents as well as estate taxes and inheritance taxes and then distributing what is left to the heirs of the decedents according to 

Steps Required to Probate an Estate

There are specific sets of laws that determine the steps required to probate e – Read more


Boost your Salary without Getting a Raise

Boost your Salary without Getting a Raise

Your employer will have extra perks and employee benefits that are available to employees that want them, but many will not take advantage of these, thinking that they are too complicated or not sure how they can take advantage of these. However, when you add these benefits up they are able to raise your salary.

Lets take a look at popular employee benefit programs that employers offer.

Commuter Benefits

There are employers that will – Read more


Facts about Peercoin

Facts about Peercoin

The main features of Peercoin are the low power consumption, different mining than Litecoin and Bitcoin and a .1 Peercoin transaction on each transaction. Here are some facts about Peercoin.

Peercoin Using Different Mining System that Wastes Less Power

A massive shortcoming of Bitcoin is that millions of dollars are wasted mining it. Mining in this regard means verifying new transactions whilst creating new Bitcoins.

Bitcoin works on a proof of work scheme – Read more


No Credit Check Loans

No Credit Check Loans

If your credit stops you from acquiring a loan then it might be possible to borrow without having to rely on your credit history.

You do have to be careful though when you use a no credit check loan. These types of loans can be expensive and only make sense when you do have any other options.

Do you Need One?

Before you decide to take a no credit check loan, you need to ensure that it is the right approach. Even if your credit is bad, it might be worth – Read more


Subsidized Loan Vs. Unsubsidized Loan

Subsidized Loan Vs. Unsubsidized Loan

When it comes to higher education a major consideration for many will be how will they finance it. The Federal Government offers subsidized and unsubsidized loans to students that are eligible in participating schools. So what is the difference between a subsidized loan and an unsubsidized loan?

Subsidized Loans

Subsidized loans are provided by the Department of Education to students that are in financial need based on criteria.

Subsidized – Read more


Getting a Credit Card with No Credit History

Getting a Credit Card with No Credit History

Those that do not have credit with have a harder time getting approved for a credit card. This is due to the fact that you do not have a credit score yet and you will not have one unless you have at least one active account on your credit report for 6 months.

However, there are credit cards that have been specifically designed for those with no credit.

You Need a Job

You will need to have an income that allows you to make the repayments – Read more