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Trump Enters General Election in Weak Financial Position

Trump Enters General Election in Weak Financial Position

Donald Trump enters the election short of money and staff.

Trump was only able to raise $3.1 million from donors last month, whereas Clinton was able to raise $28 million for her campaign and a joint fundraising committee. She ended the month with a massive $42 million and Trump had just $1.3 million left in his accounts.

During the entire election, Trump has brought in $64.6 million, which includes $45.7 million in – Read more

Top Personal Loan Offers

Top Personal Loan Offers

Are you looking for a personal loan? Then take a look at these options.


With Avant you are able to borrow from $1000. The loan has an APR between 9.95% and 36%. The minimum FICO does vary. Avant accepts those that have fair credit.


Discover allows you to borrow from $2500 and the APR is between 6.99% and 24.99%. The minimum FICO is 660. You will need to have a minimum gross income of $25 000.


Upstart personal loans start at – Read more

Why Currency Wars Are So Destructive

Why Currency Wars Are So Destructive

When a country chooses to devalue their currency a trading partner might retaliate, which could then leave both countries worse off.

When an economy starts to flag, governments may start a currency war. Investors need to know what this term means and also know why this can be so destructive to the countries that are involved.

This type of conflict starts when one country chooses to lower the value of their currency so that they are able to – Read more