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#NB Alexander Forbes currently only assist clients over the age of 40. Only apply if you are over 40, anyone in this age bracket can save on house and car insurance.

Alexander Forbes is the leading retirement fund business in consulting and administration as well as corporate health consulting within South Africa.

They offer a range of products including that of household and car insurance. They offer various insurances for household and car, so you will need to know the basics of each of one so you can enquire further with Alexander Forbes about the product offering.

Platinum Woman

This is a motor and household insurance package that is designed with the discerning woman in mind. It offers a personal service and also up front discounts as well as a package that has unique benefits that are created to reward you but to also assist and protects you.
There is a single mother benefit and a family plus benefit that you can also have a look at.

If you are interested in Platinum Woman then you can contact them.

Collectors Car Policy

You may have a treasured collectable car collection that you will wish to protect against losses that may occur during accidental damage, fire, theft and also third party liability. The answer to protecting your collectable cars is insurance.

You will need to choose your insurance based on the cover, rates, services and the reliability. Alexander Forbes Insurance backs collector’s cars and is reinsured by leading South African insurance companies.

If you would like to know more about collectors Car Policy you can contact them on:


The Envoy is a short term insurance solution that was developed in 1996. Envoy provides a wide coverage with little exclusion. You can be ensured that the assets you have are protected from life events that may crop up. The product is created to accommodate the needs that you may have even if they change.


You may find that you need flexible options when it comes to having your assets insured. At Alexander Forbes they have Priceless for those that are established in their lifestyle. It offers a wide cover that has versatile delivery options delivered to a well-educated and successful client base.

55 Plus

The Alexander Forbes 55 Plus is a great solution for those that have had insurance in the past, that are not full time employees, when you are looking to cover all your assets under one policy and that you are 55 or older.

As a mature person you treat your items with care which results in low level risk. The 55 Plus is a short term insurance for the retired individuals.

Over 40

If you are over 40 you can receive some exclusive benefits with Alexander Forbes.

If you have had your driver’s licence for over 10 years and are over 40 of course then you could qualify for discounts on your combined motor and household premium.

You could look at savings of 30% on the household and car insurance when these are combined. You will receive a personal service from an insurance consultant.

You will also be able to make use of a claims process that is hassle free.

If you are looking for more information on this product then you go to the Alexander Forbes page.

Here you will find a form that you can fill in. They will then call you back to discuss the option with you further.

Alexander Forbes has a variety of car and household insurances so you always feel covered.

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Telephone: +27 11 269 0000
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