– Motor Warranty specialises in sourcing numerous quotes so that you can choose the best motor warranty for your vehicle. You just need to know the level of cover that you need and for how long you will need it for.

Motor warranty cover will include and exclude certain aspects. A motor warranty is not insurance and will not cover accidental damage. Instead the policy will cover mechanical and electrical breakdowns. A good plan will cover the cost of repairs, towing, and emergency assistance and maintenance expenses.

A motor warranty will only last for a certain amount of time or number of kilometres. Many polices will usually expire after 10 years or 200 000km. you need to ensure that your car is eligible before you sign up for a policy. There are certain older cars that may require extensive maintenance and are excluded.

With you can compare motor warranty plans by filling out the online form. You will receive warranty and service quotes for new and used cars, trucks and bikes and will also be informed about affordable cover for engine, gearbox, steering and braking systems.