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Lesser Known Facts about Credit Cards

You may think that you know your credit card inside out, but there are some surprises still. Here are some lesser known facts about credit cards.

No Cap on Interest Rate

You may have signed up for a credit card that has a low interest rate, but credit card issuers are able to increase the interest rates as high as they like. The interest rate is only protected for the cards first year or the first six months. This protection is also dissolved if you go 60 days on a late – Read more

Can You Be An Entrepreneur?

Can You Be An Entrepreneur?

If you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, then you need to know what it takes to be one. Here are key elements to discover if being an entrepreneur is right for you.

The Heart

There are some people that feel they have no other choice but to start their own business, when in actual fact they just want a good job. These entrepreneurs are then forced and whilst some will become the next big thing, many won’t be able to stick it out in the long run. Y – Read more

Fast Cash 2015 Budget plan

the Halaal Piggy Bank

excuse the irony..
Your savings and position should be transparent

Ensure you do not under budget. A month usually has 30 days. In that time there will be expected costs

example: you expect to buy takeaways. Infact you “expect” to purchase takeaways 5 times and maybe you have allocated money for that.

Just know, you may infact end up spending more on those 5 occasions if prices go up or you have more company.

The Unexpected should be expect, and when – Read more

Saving Tips for Families

Saving Tips for Families

As a family you will have all kinds of expenses, so it is important that you know how you are able to save money and stay within your budget. Here is money saving tips for families.

Meal Planning

One of the most common downfalls and ways for a family to spend money is grabbing a takeaway instead of making dinner.

You are then able to save money by planning your family meals, which means that you will not have the excuse of what is for dinner. It is – Read more

Affordable Mobile Processing Solutions

Affordable Mobile Processing Solutions

In today’s marketplace if you sell goods and service you need the ability to accept credit cards. This though can be difficult for small businesses as the fees attached to credit card processing can be quite high. Business then need to determine if the costs involved are worth the benefits. But this is now not a problem, as businesses are now able to accept credit cards anywhere. A business will need a smartphone and internet. You are able to get a c – Read more

Fashion Accessory Sale

Fashion Accessory Sale

You are able to get plenty of deals online including ones for accessories. Here are some of the latest accessory sales.

Gucci – Rue La La

If you are a member of Rue La La then you will get 56% off selected Gucci shoes, handbags, watches, shoes and accessories. The prices start at $129.99.

Seiko Watches – Jomashop

You are able to get up to 81% off a selection of Seiko Men’s and women’s watches. Also if you spend more than $250 you will get an extra $20 o – Read more

Student Entrepreneur Tips

Student Entrepreneur Tips

Whether you are looking for success or just want to make some extra cash then here are some tips for the young entrepreneurs.

Do what you Love

You need to choose something that you love. It is a good idea to align your small business idea with your interests no matter what they are.

Know what you want

You need to know what you want to get out of your business so that you can organize your time and priorities.

Be Drastic

When you are in your early – Read more

Myths about Credit Cards

Myths about Credit Cards

You might be considering getting a credit card, but do you really need one? You are able to get by without a credit card, even though it can be a useful tool to have when it is used correctly. You will need to be careful as to not fall into credit card debt. Here are some myths so about credit cards.

Needing a Credit Card to Build Credit

Credit is built by paying bills on time. You are able to build enough credit by paying your rent on time for a few years; – Read more