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Debt rescue

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If you have a mountain of debt to climb and not sure where to start in order to repay then you may need a debt counsellor, which aim to help you and create a plan for repaying your debt and this is what Debt Rescue is all about.
Debt counselling was introduced by the National Credit Act in order to assist the over indebted consumer. The goal of debt counselling is to develop a repayment plan that is affordable and also acceptable to all your credit providers.

The benefits of a debt review are:

• Pay only one affordable monthly instalment
• Have adequate funds for living expenses
• Instalment amounts are reduced
• Repayment periods get extended
• The credit providers communicate with Debt Rescue instead of you and
• The NCA protects you from getting blacklisted.

Application process

You are able to apply at Debt rescue by simply filling out the online form.
The form will ask for your personal details and you will get a call from Debt rescue within 2 business hours.
The advisor will then help you in any way that they can once they know your situation better.


So why should you chose Debt Rescue at your time of crisis. Here are good reasons why:
• The fees are all included in your repayment plan
• Debt Recue is operated by professionals
• Debt Rescue has good relationships with the majority of credit providers
• Debt Rescue offer a high level of service
• Debt Rescue uses specialist attorneys in debt counselling
• You can get assistance in nine of the official South African languages
• You will not need to attend a consultation in person
• Your application and details are treated in confidentiality

Let Debt Rescue help you with your debt.

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