The Debt Experts


The Debt Experts have a mission and that mission is to assist and rehabilitate South African consumers who are over indebted in order to maintain a sustainable and stress free lifestyle.

With the debt review process you are offered the convenience of having all your debts paid through one reduced payment which then allows sufficient funds for your living expenses as well as for those unexpected life events that may come along.

The Debt Review Process

  1. An application form is completed
  2. On all national credit bureaus you will flagged as being under review
  3. A notice to all your creditors and credit providers will be sent out advising them on your application.
  4. A legal notice that confirms acceptance of your application will be sent out to all stakeholders
  5. The negotiations are based on your affordability
  6. A proposal will be sent to all your creditors tat confirms the negotiated amounts
  7. A court application is prepared and presented to a Magistrate in your jurisdiction and The Debt experts represent on your behalf.

The Debt Experts Services and Benefits

  • The Debt Experts render debt advice on how to budget and initiate a debt management plan that will suit your budget
  • Before the debt review process begins there is a personalised debt counselling session
  • They negotiate with your creditors to accept a payment plan that is affordable
  • Instalments are reduced by up to 50%
  • The Debt Experts negotiate reduced interest rates
  • Create one fixed payment for your creditors
  • Assistance is given throughout the debt counselling period and review is done annually
  • Your credit profile is rehabilitated
  • Legal protection from your creditors
  • At the end of the process you are given a certificate of clearance.

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