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Death is one of those parts of life and with it comes a funeral, but you may not want to stick your family with the bill to cover your funeral. You can start planning now and get funeral cover.

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Getting Funeral Coverhappy debt help clients

With us you will find it a breeze to get funeral insurance quotes as we will source these quotes from leading insurance companies and brokers. This then takes the hassle out of contacting insurance companies individually as you will be able to compare quotes and choose the right one for you.

When you compare funeral insurance quotes there are key features that you need to look at.

Extent of Funeral Cover

This refers to the value of the funeral policy and the benefits that it incorporates. You will want the funeral policy to pay a sizeable amount in order to cover burial or cremation costs, a coffin if needed, the transport to the gravesite and mortician, funeral home fees as well as the catering at the reception.

There are funeral cover policies that will also include medical benefits in order to pay off any outstanding medical fees as well as a grocery benefit in order to help the family that perhaps the breadwinner has left behind.

Payment Period

A funeral insurance policy will pay out quicker than a life insurance policy and usually within 48 hours of death.

As you compare funeral cover quotes have a look at the payment period and the claims requirements.

Also see if the policy has an expiry date as there are policies that fall away once the insured reaches a certain age.

Accidental Death Benefitscoffin

Accidental death can happen at any time and there are policies that pay out double the funeral insurance policy amount, so that the family has time to get back on their feet.

So why choose us:

  • Indispensable funeral cover for under R100 per month
  • Receive payment between R10 000 and R200 000
  • Family and individual funeral protection plan from R90 a month
  • Begin receiving payment within a 48 hour period
  • Get a Cash back bonus

Benefits include accidental death and disability cover.