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In the case of an unfortunate death, it is always safer to have funeral insurance in order to minimise the stress during such a traumatic time in your and/or your family’s life. Funeral Insure offers a funeral cover plan that will guarantee an arranged funeral that does not come with the extra hassle of financial issues.

For the price of R90 each month, the funeral cover will insure you, your spouse, and three children. The funeral plan also covers up to thirteen people as an additional number of eight extended family members can be covered from this single plan. In addition, if your family is a family of five, you can receive more than R50 000 cover at the cost of R1 for each family member.

Application process

If you would like to get a quote, go on their website and fill out the form with your contact details. You will receive a phone call immediately in which all of your questions will also be answered.


To avoid keeping you and/or your family waiting, payments are made 24 hours after an unfortunate death. There is an included deal of the grocery benefit in which there will be a cover of R3000. Also, R200 worth of airtime will be provided in order for phone calls and funeral arrangements to be made.

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