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Hollard provides affordable funeral insurance plans in the event of an unfortunate death. They offer benefits that will be practical and minimise some of the stress for you and your family if any family member passes away. The maximum of five children can be covered to the value of up to R20 000.

If the death was due to an accident or a disability, your family could be receive with R100 000.

There will be a memorial cover of R10 000 and a funeral cover that can be between R10 000 and R50 000. The rest of your close ones will also be covered as you have the option to apply the funeral plan to your partner, children, and parents.

In the event of an unfortunate death, the money will be paid within 48 hours after the insurance provider has received all of the necessary documents and certificates.

Application process

To find out a quote, simply go on their website, fill out their form with your personal details, and they will call you back with a quote and asnwers to any questions you may have.


In addition, Hollard cares about your family and will provide your family with a monthly sum of R1500 per month, after the death.

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Website: https://www.hollard.co.za/funeral
Psychical Address
: Address Shop S3, Umlazi Mega City 50 Griffiths Mxenge Highway Umlazi, 4066
Telephone: (011) 351 5000