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In the event of an accident that leads to hospitalisation, Insure Today would have you covered through a Hospital Plan. By paying a monthly cost, you will not have to panic about finances if anything unforeseeable happens and will be in the hands of an accident cover. The offer two Hospital Plans.
One Hospital Plan that they provide for you is receiving R20 000 for each stay at a hospital in which you would receive R2000 everyday if your stay exceeds ten days. This costs R99 a month.

The other Hospital Plan that they provide is categorised as their premium plan that provides you with R5000 each day. Once hospitalised and your stay exceeds two days, you will receive an ICU benefit. There is also a cash back guarantee after every sixty months’ worth of paying for this Hospital Plan. This costs R215 per month.

Application process

In order to receive a quote, simply go on their website and fill out your contact details in the provided form. They will immediately call you back and answer any of your questions. They will only suggest reputable insurance companies so that your mind is kept at peace about trusting the companies with your money. The companies they suggest will provide you with quality and care.


  • Pay as little as R99 per month
  • Receive a R20 000 Lump Sum per stay
  • Receive up to R5000 per day
  • Accidental disability, death and dread disease benefit
  • ICU Benefit

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Psychical Address: 245 Jan Smuts Avenue, Dunkeld West, Johannesburg