Clientele Legal

Comprehensive Legal Insurance Product

The Clientele Limited Group is a financial services group that is diversified in the services that it offers from legal insurance to other such financial institutions.

Clientele is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and it is one of the leading distributers of financial service products within South Africa.

In the last 20 years they have been successful in offering convenient and an easy to understand financial services products to the public through the use of direct marketing and sales distribution channels.

One such product that Clientele offer is the Clientele Legal.

Clientele Legal

The Clientele Legal product is your way in securing yourself a good lawyer. It is an honest, affordable and an easy way to ensure that you are represented if the occasion ever arises.

Lawyer fees can cost thousands of rands per hour which can make lawyers unattainable for some. This would then mean that the situation they are in is either unrepresented as they let it go or underrepresented as they are not able to afford a good lawyer.

The Clientele Legal offers you legal cover for a small fee each month. The fee of R140 per month included retrenchment benefit, protection against the effects of inflation as well as cover for accidental death on enhanced legal plans.

There are also legal plans that offer more features and these will cost more per month.

You will also receive access to lawyers as when you need it.

Applying for Clientele Legal

It is quite easy to apply for Clientele Legal. You will find a form on their page that you will need to fill in. They will then call you back to discuss the product and how you will proceed to apply from there.