Scorpion has 27 full service branches as well as a 24 hour call centre. Scorpion gives clients access to legal advice on a variety of issues including criminal and administrative cases, job or work related problems and civil disputes. Scorpion also has 600 independent attorney practices that support clients in court matters when they need formal legal representation.

Why choose Scorpion?

  1. Affordable
  2. Receive a 30 day trail period
  3. Quality Service

Scorpion protects your legal rights in and out of court anywhere in South Africa. You and your family could be deprived of your rights if you do not have legal cover. This is where Scorpion steps in as they fight for these rights either by writing, telephoning or face to face as well as pays your attorney fees, offer you legal assistance and advice and negotiate on your behalf.

You can get legal protection from Scorpion from R41 per month as well as other benefits.


FLORIDA (Head Office)
Building 4, Beacon Office Park,
31 Beacon Road, Florida North.
P.O. Box 1780, Florida, 1710. Docex 12, Flora Clinic.
Tel: 011 470 3300
Fax: 011 472 6815