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Life insurance is an essential part of life, so that you and your family are covered if anything unexpected happens. Trying to get through the mind field of life insurance can be a hard task, so wouldn’t it be better to get life insurance quotes all at once so that you can compare them easily?

You can fill out the quote form online and we will get 10 top insurance companies and brokers in South Africa, to give you a call with their best deal. This means that you are able to choose a life insurance policy that suits your needs and budget.


  • Life insurance for HIV positive people
  • Life insurance for Diabetes sufferers
  • You can get whole life insurance
  • Loan help
  • Disability cover
  • Affordable prices
  • Source all your life insurance quote sin one place
  • There is a benefit and premium comparisons
  • Unbiased expert recommendations
  • There is an easy life insurance application process with guaranteed results and
  • You will receive up to 6 quotes from South Africa’s top life insurance companies.

Here are the five most commonly asked questions regarding life insurance:

  • Is there one policy for everyone? There is never a “one size fits all” type of life insurance. Beware of these offerings advertised by financial institutions that present comprehensive products for everyone that costs the same for almost everybody. A policy needs to be structured according to your individual needs and requirements to determine your premiums. It is important for you to examine the conditions, exclusions and future increases in the premiums.
  • Do I already have life cover? If you work for a group or large company, chances are you already have life insurance cover through your employer. But note that this is usually quite limited; therefore it might be best to ensure you have one of your own, too. The expertise of a financial adviser will help you work out how much you need.
  • What dangerous sports or activities need to be disclosed? Sports such as paragliding, motor racing, parachuting, diving amongst others are all dangerous sports that need to be disclosed to your insurance broker. You are compelled by law to divulge any risks that are associated with your work – for example if you are a pilot, a miner or you work with weapons.
  • How does suicide affect my insurance policy? There is a two-year exclusion period on all life insurance policies to prevent people from taking out insurance once they have decided to end their lives.
  • What is underwriting and what does it do? Underwriting is an in-depth evaluation of your lifestyle as well as your medical history so that the insurer is able to assess your risk profile and offer you life cover so that they can work out what your premiums are going to be.