Insure Today

Find affordable life insurance quotes through one website.¬†Finding suitable life insurance can cause unnecessary stress and makes one face the discomforting realities of life. It can be time consuming as well as a nuisance as it is not always clear which companies you can trust in having your family’s safety at heart. Therefore, spending a lot of time on finding the most suitable life insurance for you is not ideal.

You do not have to spend hours on browsing the internet for quotes, or making tons of phone calls. Simply fill out one simple form on Insure Today’s website and they will call you back with quotes.

They offer two packages.

Standard Life Cover

Your family can be covered with up to R200 000, a cash back bonus, and would receive R10 000 24 hours after the event of a death. With the cost of R110 per month, they can be covered over any accidental or naturally caused death.

Premium Life Cover

Your family could be covered with up to R10 million. A blood test would be necessary before being insured and there is an optional cover for those with a disability or a chronicle disease. In addition, after paying 60 months’ worth of premiums, there would be a cash back. This can be your life insurance deal for the cost of R200.

Street address: 245 Jan Smuts Avenue, Dunkeld West, Johannesburg