Momentum Life Insurance


Product Review

In the event of your death, you will want to ensure that you do not leave your family in the lurch. You are able to do this by getting life cover from Momentum. You will be able to get cover from R100 000 to R3 million and you can receive a lump sum that will help to pay the funeral expenses.

Application Process

You are able to receive a quote for life cover with Momentum. You can fill out their online form that will ask for personal details; the cover that you are looking for and other aspects that will ensure you get the best quote for what you need.


  • Life cover from R100 000 to R3 million
  • The benefit will not expire
  • Lump sum is paid on death
  • Up to R50 000 lump sum for funeral expenses
  • Simple process
  • Premium guarantee for 10 years

Additional Information

Our physical address:

268 West Avenue