Direct Axis Loans Review


Product Review

Direct Axis is an authorized Financial Service Provider. They are a highly reputable company as they have over 20 years of experience in the industry. With Direct Axis you will not need to waste time with tedious paperwork as they provide a fast and easy way to access their services and to also apply for a loan.

Direct Axis you apply for a personal loan as well car and home insurance, life insurance and health solutions.

Once you have submitted your information online you can be sure that it is secure and safe.

Application Process

With Direct Axis you can apply for a personal loan up to R150 000.

You will begin your application with Direct Axis by first seeing the amount you wish to borrow and the repayment of this using the calculator provided on the site.

You will also see a form that needs to be filled out on the site. This will begin your application process for a loan.


  • Convenient and Quick to apply
  • You receive your money quickly
  • You do not need to provide collateral
  • Repayments are fixed for the term of your loan
  • You can borrow between R4000 and R150 000.


Interest Rate/APR

23% – 32.6%. Fixed repayments  – for full term of your loan

Implications of Non-Payment

• Arrears are recorded at the credit bureaus, which gives you a bad payment profile
• You’ll qualify for less credit and a shorter credit term from credit providers
• You’ll be charged higher interest rates on future credit applications from all credit providers
• A number of defaults will result in no further credit offered from credit providers and handover
• If you are handed over, you may never be offered credit again
• Extra legal costs when handed over

Financial Implications

Once-off initiation fee of  R1140 + Monthly service fee of R57. We include retrenchment and death cover on all loans 6 months or longer for FREE

Potential Impact to Users’ Credit Score

Bank credit checks affecting credit score


Unless stated otherwise there are no renewals for the loan service.

Collection Practices

Debit order over the repayment period