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When it comes to getting a medical aid it can be quite confusing as there are so many options and it seems near impossible to compare quotes to one another.

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Medical Aid Quotes

When it comes to choosing a medical aid there are some characteristics you need to take into consideration.

Prescribed Minimum Benefits

These refer to chronic conditions which all medical aids should cover. These benefits will cover illness like diabetes, asthma, epilepsy and treatment for addictions. You should choose a medical aid that covers many of these as well as the medication associated with the conditions.

In-Hospital Medical BenefitsWomen with 3 people starting at her

When you compare a medical aid quotes have a look at the in-hospital benefits. Many medical aids limit the amount that you are able to claim for in-patient treatment. These limits can be the number of days or a certain monetary amount. Ensure that the plan you choose covers for existing or future medical conditions.

Day to Day Medical Benefits

Day to day benefits are a huge advantage over a normal hospital plan as these can cover out-patient care like going to your GP, dentist and optometrist. Medical aids will offer different coverage amounts so ensure you will be covered for what you need.

Network Option

Medical aids may have a network which means that you can choose a doctor from their network instead of going to one that is the closet to you. This can cut the cost of contributions.

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 HIV Life Cover

Living with HIV in the modern society is more manageable than it has ever been.

Yes medication may be required at particular times, visiting the doctor becomes more regular, following a strict diet and being more careful in general may be necessary to stay healthy. It may not be easy, but living positively with HIV is possible.
We offer affordable life insurance only to people living with HIV and we help manage your health.

No application forms to be filled out, you can do everything over a call.


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