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How to Buy Online with a Credit Card

How to Buy Online with a Credit Card

With an online purchase you will usually have to pay with a credit card, debit card or with a gift card.

If you are new to online purchasing then the process can be a little confusing, here is how you can pay online with your credit card.

Before You Buy

Before you can buy online you need to add the items to your online shopping cart. Each item will have an Add to Cart button that you will need to click. When you have everything you want you – Read more

Is PayPal or a Credit Card Safer?

Is PayPal or a Credit Card Safer?

You may wonder how safe your money is. When you buy online you can choose to pay with your credit card or to pay with PayPal, but which of these are safer?

How Safe is PayPal?

PayPal says that your data is kept safe. They say that your information is encrypted to the highest level that is available commercially.

Their servers will check your browser to ensure that t uses the latest encryption technology and your data is stored on servers that are – Read more