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What is in Your Credit Report?

What is in Your Credit Report?

When you first read your credit report it can seem confusing especially when you have had many accounts open for a long period of time. It can be easier to read your credit report when you know what is appearing on it.

Your Name and Variations

There could be different versions and even misspellings of your name in your credit report.

Your credit report is created from information that is given from your creditors and lenders. The name that you put – Read more

Boost your Salary without Getting a Raise

Boost your Salary without Getting a Raise

Your employer will have extra perks and employee benefits that are available to employees that want them, but many will not take advantage of these, thinking that they are too complicated or not sure how they can take advantage of these. However, when you add these benefits up they are able to raise your salary.

Lets take a look at popular employee benefit programs that employers offer.

Commuter Benefits

There are employers that will – Read more