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Should You Pay Your Student Loans Off Early?

Should You Pay Your Student Loans Off Early?

Student loans are thought to be good debt and these loans usually have low interest rates. However, student loans are still a type of debt and when you pay these off you can get a return equal to the interest rate.

So should you pay your student loans off early?

When to Pay Student Loans Early

When it comes to paying off your student loan early and when, you will need to take into account your financial situation, the interest rate and – Read more

How to Choose a Credit Card

How to Choose a Credit Card

A credit card can be quite handy but it can cause damage if it is used irresponsibly. This means that you need to choose the right credit card for what you need it for.

There are some factors that you need to look at when you choose a credit card.

Spending Habits

You need to first determine how you will be choosing your credit card. Are you the type of person that will pay their credit card in full every month or do you think you will be carrying a – Read more

Subsidized Loan Vs. Unsubsidized Loan

Subsidized Loan Vs. Unsubsidized Loan

When it comes to higher education a major consideration for many will be how will they finance it. The Federal Government offers subsidized and unsubsidized loans to students that are eligible in participating schools. So what is the difference between a subsidized loan and an unsubsidized loan?

Subsidized Loans

Subsidized loans are provided by the Department of Education to students that are in financial need based on criteria.

Subsidized – Read more