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Top Virtual Currencies 2016

Top Virtual Currencies 2016

There are quite a few virtual currencies, but these are the top cryptocurrencies for 2016.


The original cryptocurrency is Bitcoin and even though it is not as valued as high as it once was, it is still the most valuable virtual currency. Bitcoin uses a proof of work verification system that is resistant to fraud, but it does use a lot of power.


BlackCoin was created so that the reliability of proof of stake valuation could be – Read more

Fun Facts About Ethereum Virtual Currency

Fun Facts About Ethereum Virtual Currency

Bitcoin was the most popular virtual currency, but with the price of bitcoin stumbling and disagreements over the crpytocurrency’s future has made some of the major developers walk away from the project. The interest for bitcoin is then waning, but this is not true for Ethereum.

Ethereum is becoming the new and popular choice of virtual currency.

Ethereum is a blockchain based protocol. Here are some fun and interesting facts about E – Read more